Our services

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Body Treatments:

We offer treatments designed to release a wide range of medical conditions as well as aesthetic body therapies.
Indulge in a selection of spa rituals ranging from: slimming, tonifying, anti cellulite and moisturizing body treatments that will revitalize your body and make your skin soft like a silk.
- For your hands:
Reconstructing nail treatments including traditional manicure or the application of semi- permanent gel nail polish to keep your hands naturally beautiful.

- Radio-frequency: skin tonifying and anti-stretch mark therapy
- Cavitation Treatments for problem areas
- mesotherapy: for all types of skin and body imperfections
- IPL hair removal and photo-rejuvenation
- pressotherapy - drainage
- Ultrasound Therapy – slimming treatments
- Electrostimulation – aimed at toning up your body
- Oxygen Treatments – anti-cellulite, body firming, anti-acne treatments
- LPG: drainage, slimming, tonifying treatments to improve your body shape

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Face Treatments:

- Facials: Cleanse, Soothing, Regenerating, Anti-Age, Face-Lift, Facial Filling, Illuminating, Moisturizing
- Masks for all skin types and skin conditions
- Chemical peels

We use the high-tech equipment for our treatments:
- Radio-frequency
- Electroporation
- Oxygen Treatments
- LPF Face

- Evening make-up
- Daily-make-up
- Bridal make-up
- Personalized make-up using the products for individual skin needs

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Future Bride:

In our Beauty Relax the future bride will find all types of treatments both for face and body. We offer: make-ups, nail treatments such as: manicure and pedicure as well various types of face and body treatments to keep your body young and beautiful. Thanks to our rajawatu ritual, the future bride will look stunning and impeccable on her special day. It is possible to book an appointment a day before the wedding and enjoy the treatments in the company of a partner, parent or best friend.

Bridal Spa Package includes:
Cleansing Facial –
using the best quality products that will keep your skin firm and soft :
Body Treatment:
Body Scrub to remove old skin cells leaving the skin clean, moisturized and very soft. We use a high- quality scrub with sea salts and the seeds from oranges and grapes (with vitamin C, A, P with antioxidant and moisturizing properties)
Relaxing Rajawatu Treatment

Rajawatu is a Brazilian word which literally means stones. It used to be a ritual performed with various aromas. Hot stones and healing crystals massage is a real treat for the body. It releases all the tensions and stimulates your senses by giving your body a big dose of positive energy. The body cream used during the treatment will revitalize your body thanks to the intense aroma of citrus. Healing crystals that penetrate every cell of your body will make your skin bright, soft and perfectly moisturized.

It starts with the scrub and mask treatment and is followed by the application of semi-permanent or gel nail polish

Your hands will be treated with utmost care so they can be soft and beautiful during your special day when the ring is put on your finger. The treatment starts with the scrub and mask application and is followed by the manicure (semi-permanent gel or enamel nail polish) with very natural nail polish shades and subtle nail designs at request.

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For Him:

Our Beauty relax does not forget about the needs of our male customers. We offer a range of body and face treatments that have been designed to satisfy their individual needs.
We provide private rooms for the sessions to make this experience relaxing and comfortable as much as possible.
Our male clients are assisted by our personnel who first listen to their requests during a short interview after which a vast offer is presented. We provide a range of treatments that aim at eliminating signs of aging, stress, air-pollution, smoking and others. Our offer also encompasses treatments of conditions including fine and deep facial lines as well as moles.
We use high-quality products designed for men with cleansing and calming properties that penetrate the skin leaving it clean revitalized and fresh-looking.
Thanks to our messages, scrubs and body treatments along with the application of a moisturizing masks for all skin types (also for the back area), the skin will regain its natural and healthy look. We do not forget to treat problem areas where fat tends to deposit. Most men tend to store fat around their waist and struggle with abdominal fat. Out treatments target these areas to help get rid of stubborn fat and the so called beer belly.

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Couple Spa

Beauty Relax Spa gives you a possibility to enjoy a joint spa session with a friend or your partner

-Deluxe Perla
-Deluxe Grape
-Deluxe Cioccolato
-Deluxe Gold
-Deluxe Polinesia
-Deluxe Bali
-Talasso delle thermal Spa in Chiangiano

For Him
- Thermal Exfoliating & Mineral Mud Body Treatment
- Aroma Therapy & Turkish Bath
- Food Tasting
- Hot Oil Massage

For Her
- Exfoliating Gold Body Scrub with the use of silk gloves
- Sauna (with Him)
- Food tasting (with Him)
- KNEIPP THERAPY– Emotional Shower
- Revitalizing Body Gold Mask
- Illuminating and Moisturizing Gold Lotion Massage
- Face Mask stimulating metabolism of skin cells

Treatment RELAX For Two:
- Turkish Bath
- Food Tasting
- KNEIPP THERAPY– Emotional Shower
- Anti Stress Massage (1h)