Deluxe polynesia

This treatment has been inspired by the tradition of the Polynesia. It is a very sensual ritual with floral scents that leaves your body in perfect harmony.
Enjoy aromatherapy and chromotherapy in our Private Relax Area as well as an emotional shower to wake up all senses of your body. Kneipp therapy (bath tube with both hot and cold water ) will help stimulate circulation. Next you are recommended to relax on our thermal lying beds that help release tension from muscles.
There is a possibility to add sauna session with a small money supplement.
• + rich variety of food and drinks (infusions, yogurts, fruits and juices)
+ 1h massage designed to release muscle tension and consequently physical stress thanks to the massage technique used in this type of treatment (long and continuous hand movements). The massage ends with a pleasant sponge bath ritual during which the sponge is immersed in the floral mixture of Tahiti flowers which has moisturizing properties.
+ full body exfoliating sugar seeds and bora bora scrub with the cleansing properties
+ body mask with the extract of tamanu leaving your skin moisturized and luminous

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