Deluxe Alquimia

According to the holistic philosophy energy proceeds the materia and it is energy that creates the materia. Everything our senses can perceive is the last stage of creation of the previous process.
In order to fully take care of yourself, you cannot forget about your body energy. There are many different therapies designed to harmonize your inner energy. Let the transformation take place: from crystals to colors, from essential oils to dreams. Alquimia spa Therapy has been designed to help you achieve these goals.
Aromatherapy and chromotherapy in our Private Relax Area of the Turkish bath along with the face and body scrub as well as an emotional shower will wake up all the senses of your body. Kneipp therapy (bath tube with both hot and cold water ) will help stimulate circulation. Next you are recommended to relax on our thermal lying beds to release tension from muscles.
• + 60 min massage with the silk mixture to bring balance to your body
• + food tasting
+ Spa Kit

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